[squeak-dev] Sound mixing makes nasty noises

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Fri Dec 25 14:01:28 UTC 2020

Hi Subbu,

thanks, that did it. Squeak playing Audio with the problems described,
Scratch one through the menu still w/o audio (as expected) but both
showing up in the pavucontrol. Except that now I have a crackling noise
when using the volume control (Crossfade still being a secret to some
audio implementors, really :-)

So on to electrical recording and then try to implement Tim's suggestion
on recording the buffers from Squeak.



Am 25.12.2020 um 13:02 schrieb K K Subbu:
> On 25/12/20 2:35 am, Herbert König wrote:
>> I tried the -vmsound alsa and pulse but I'm not sure If I used the right
>> place in the script. I tried editing the last line to:
>> exec "${VM}" "-vm-sound-alsa" "${IMAGE}"  (and pulse and w/o the "" but
>> my Linux fu is not enough to know if that's ok.
> ALSA is a bit long in the tooth. Pulse is the preferred audio server
> these days.
> You could try running Squeak with padsp which mixes the OSS API calls
> from squeak vm through Pulse audio service:
>  exec padsp "${VM}" ...
> The GUI mixer panel is pavucontrol (from pavucontrol package).
> HTH .. Subbu

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