[squeak-dev] History Questions from Dan Ingalls

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Mon Jan 6 03:56:48 UTC 2020

> I’m writing an article about Smalltalk over the years, and I have a couple of questions that you-all might be able to answer…
> Are there examples, old or current, of bundling the VM with the image to make a complete “Squeak app”?  I think I actually worked on one of these but I can’t remember?

In the wider Smalltalk context I have two examples from long ago;
a) the RISC OS version of Eliot's old Brouhaha vm (circa 1978) was bundled using the RISC OS approach of 'magic directories'. Rather like a simpler, more elegant and much easier to use version of the bundles Apple now use.
b) the ancient ObjectWorks from ParcPlace version for Windows could bind the image file into the Windows executable as a resource using the same tools as used to bundle the assorted icons and config files. I'd say it would be a near certainty that Jan Bottorff came up with that.

For Squeak in particular; the same RISC OS stuff was usable, of course, and I claim that putting the VM and image into hardware (the Interval MediaPad etc) ought to count if only to provide an excuse to write about it. Oh - and obviously the Active Book of sainted memory should count too. 

And of course, the current Mac bundles and the All-in-one packages should be there.

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