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Mon Jan 6 16:03:18 UTC 2020

Nicolas Cellier uploaded a new version of CollectionsTests to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: CollectionsTests-nice.331
Author: nice
Time: 6 January 2020, 4:59:24.650788 pm
UUID: c70bd67a-8408-084d-97f1-df44c0d372ae
Ancestors: CollectionsTests-mt.330

More testFindSelector cases

This covers some case of literal arguments (literal array and Character)

=============== Diff against CollectionsTests-mt.330 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: StringTest>>testFindSelector (in category 'tests - finding') -----
  		#negated 'negated' "Simplest case."
  		#negated '#negated' "Ignore leading #"
  		#negated '   negated' "Ignore leading whitespace"
  		nil 'shouldnotexist42' "Do not intern new symbols."
  		nil '' "No empty symbols."
  		#copy 'self copy' "Ignore leading receiver."
  		#copyWithout: 'self copyWithout: 42' "Ignore leading receiver."
  		#negated 'self copy negated' "Choose last selector if several."
  		#drawOn: 'drawOn:'
  		nil 'drawOn' "Do not add colons."
  		#drawOn: 'drawOn: aCanvas' "Ignore argument"
  		#at:put: 'at: 42 put: nil' "Ignore arguments"
  		#at:put: 'at: #drawOn: put: 42' "Ignore colons in arguments."
  		#at:put: 'at:42 put:43' "Scarce whitepsace"
+ 		#at:put: 'at: ''key:'' put: nil' "Ignore : inside String literal"
+ 		#at:put: 'at: #(foo bar baz:) put:43' "handle literal array"
+ 		#at:put: 'at: $( put:$: asInteger' "Ignore : in Character literal"
  		#ifTrue: 'ifTrue: [self open]'
  		#ifTrue:ifFalse: 'ifTrue: [] ifFalse: [self close]'
  		#ifNotEmpty: 'ifNotEmpty: [:all | all sum]'
  		#+ '+'
  		#+ '1 +'
  		nil '+ 2'
  		nil '1 + 2'
  	) pairsDo: [:selector :string |
  		self assert: selector equals: string findSelector].!

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