[squeak-dev] Anyone using Aida/Web succesfully in 2020?

Rudolf rudolf-rednose at gmx.de
Mon Jan 6 17:47:42 UTC 2020

Hello List, happy new year.

i am trying the Aida/Web Server.
This is on Windows.
Installing Squeak like its described on the Webpage:

i := Installer monticello http: 'http://smalltalkhub.com'.
i project: 'mc/Sport/Sport/main';  install: 'Sport-2.031'.
i project: 'mc/Swazoo/Swazoo/main';  install: 'Swazoo-2.3final.2'.
i project: 'mc/Aida/Aida/main'; install: 'Aida6.6-final.3'.

all went fine.
Starting up: "http://localhost:8888/?view=ajax" shows the expected website.
But selecting any "Action Link / TextButton" results in an Halt Signal.

Trying to login as admin results in a Message: "request for unknown or
nonexistent context!"

if the system Date is set back to 2019, all issues are gone.
Same results when using the all in One Image from aidaweb.si or even
with an older image Squeak 3.9 and aida Version 5.6
The aidaweb mailing list seems very quite since a long time.

Any hints on how to debug or solve the issue is very much appreciated.

So, is anyone using Aida/Web succesfully in 2020? and if so, how?

Thanks for reading so far


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