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> Hi Folks -
> I’m writing an article about Smalltalk over the years, and I have a couple
> of questions that you-all might be able to answer…
> Who wrote the first Squeak web server?
> I know there was a period when many of the Squeak downloads were simply to
> use the web server.
> Who wrote the first wiki tin Squeak?
> This, too, was a popular reason for downloads.

This confirm's Chris' account:


> Are there examples, old or current, of bundling the VM with the image to
> make a complete “Squeak app”?  I think I actually worked on one of these
> but I can’t remember?

I did a "single executable" in 2007/2008 (can't remember exact date) for
Newspeak (which was hosted in Squeak above a modified Squeak VM) for
Cadence.  We also encrypted the image so it couldn't easily be copied.  The
image was stored in a large byte array compiled into the VM.

Qwaq/Teleplace/Terf was/is packaged as a complete app for MacOS, Windows
and Unix starting in the early '00's (before I got there in '08).  The Unix
packaging work was in late '09 IIRC.

Ted told me that someone on the Squeak list wrote about ST-80 (Squeak?)
> being its
> own support center at 2 am.  Praise for having everything accessible!  He
> searched his notes for this great email. but did not find it.  Anyone
> remember this email and can send it along?
> Thanks and happy New Year
>   - Dan
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best, Eliot
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