[squeak-dev] tedious programming-in-the-debugger error needs fixing

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 00:01:22 UTC 2020

I _believe_ that this is my fault, for not finishing off what I'd started
But life intervened.


On Mon, 6 Jan 2020 at 13:57, Thiede, Christoph <
Christoph.Thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de> wrote:

> Hi Eliot,
> Can you give an exact step-by-step example to reproduce?
> It appears that the context is reset before compiling the method, so when
> you have a syntax error, the execution will have been reset. However, I
> could not find a scenario in which the syntax error is displayed in the
> original text ...
> Best,
> Christoph
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> Hi All,
>     if in a block in the debugger and one redefines the method, the
> debugger says "I will need to go back to the method that defined this
> block" or some such. If there is a syntax error in the new code one is
> trying to compile then the original method is displayed, the syntax error
> is displayed in that original text, and one's edited text is lost.
> _,,,^..^,,,_
> best, Eliot
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