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Thu Jan 9 10:35:39 UTC 2020

On 7/01/20 12:33 PM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
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>     Are there examples, old or current, of bundling the VM with the image to make a complete “Squeak app”?  I think I
>     actually worked on one of these but I can’t remember?
> Impara shipped "Plopp" in 2006 on CD-ROM with Mac, Windows, and Linux VMs. I came up with the "all-in-one" directory 
> layout for that.

We used the same technique for shipping Sophie and I think by now the all in one launchers for Squeak and Pharo are 
(somewhat) based on the same idea.

> Somewhere I have a photo of the shrink-wrapped box on the shelf of a local electronics store...
> http://web.archive.org/web/20060519085028/http://www.impara.de/projekt_painter.htm

I have a box somewhere, need to dig it out and take a photo :-)
Imagine, shipping software without the possibility of issuing an update if you screwed up!

There was also the Squeakland plugin that allowed to run Squeak/Etoys in a browser, a rather "interesting" combination 
of browser plugin dll, VM exe and image. Andreas Raab managed to somehow perform that magic.

The original motivation and implementation of it was actually to ship a Squeak based game (Oceanic Panic) for Disney 
Online. I might still have some screenshots somewhere, but probably not a good idea posting it knowing Disney lawyers...
John Maloney did the original work before I joined Disney Online. Never got shipped on the internets, but there was an 
installation at Epcot (Disneyworld) for a number of years. We managed to squeeze everything into under 2MB for dial-up. 
That was in 1999, before wifi, ADSL was something exotic only geeks had... Sorry, getting nostalgic  ;-)


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