[squeak-dev] History Questions from Dan Ingalls

Michael Rueger lists at andience.co.nz
Thu Jan 9 10:41:57 UTC 2020

On 7/01/20 2:49 AM, JOHN SARKELA via Squeak-dev wrote:
> I shouldn’t have hit send quite so quickly.
> In the later days of VSE, the preferred app deployment mechanism was to put all of the application code into SLL object libraries. The stock executable looked for a file of library names to link at start up.
> Deployment entailed a stock executable, a collection of SLL object libraries (image segments), and a script with a list of libraries to load.

LabWare (http://labware.com) makes use of SLLs to ship updates and customized versions of their LIMS system. (hope I'm 
not giving away any secrets here).

Actually makes for interesting discussions between the "save-image" and "SLL" factions. Somehow both sides never 
consider that it is not an either or choice ;-)


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