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Thiede, Christoph Christoph.Thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
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Hi Eliot,

I did not ever work with the VM simulator, but from what you say, I guess that your modal dialog might simply lack a third button labeled "Quit"? In general, to me, the idea of modal windows appears to require an immediate user response that precedes any different user interactions with the notifying view. If this assumption is violated, many models might show bad behavior.* I would rather prefer not to change this behavior. :)

* For an example, do-it |x| (sic, just three characters) in a workspace. Disable modal exclusivity of the appearing Unused Variable dialog, clear the Workspace and then answer the dialog. Of course, you will get an internal compiler error ...



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Hi All,

    would it be easy to modify modal dialog box interaction to allow closing the "parent window" of a dialog while in the modal dialog?  In the VMSimulator I use a modal dialog to prompt the user for input to evaluate, to test the sim.  Often I simply want to stop after the first expression and so wish to diss,iss the entire simulation omg the second modal dialog.  Bit I'm always forced to select "don't be modal" before I can close the thing.  It;'s a little annoying.
best, Eliot
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