[squeak-dev] new VM directory structure for 5.3

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 20:48:06 UTC 2020

> On Jan 10, 2020, at 9:55 PM, K K Subbu <kksubbu.ml at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/01/20 3:53 AM, Chris Muller wrote:
>> This simplification allows easy co-existence of 32-bit with 64-bit versions of the same VM.
> If the bin directory is created with <os>-<isa>-<optional-variant>/
>   linux-x86/
>   linux-x86_64/
>   linux-arm-armhf/
>   linux-arm64/
>   win-win32/
>   win-win64/
>   osx-x86/
> then it would be simpler and easier to ship and share multiplatform code (e.g. shared mounts). Is it too late to make the change?

I hope not.  I love this idea.  Can I suggest that for names we use the same names as the build directories minus the “build.” prefix?  linux32x86 linux64x64 linux32ARMv6 etc...

>> The SqueakV50.sources file must be present in at least one of those two directories.
> *.sources does not have any arch-specific code. It would be better to specify the shared directory only but be lenient and look in bin* directory if it is missing there.
> Regards .. Subbu

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