[squeak-dev] ServerDirectory example login is dead

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Sun Jan 12 01:33:01 UTC 2020

A couple of years ago as we prepared a release I asked about this and as best I know we didn't get anything settled. Sure, it's hardly a major issue but I do like to se examples actually do what they a re supposed to be examples for!

> On 2017-12-26, at 10:59 AM, tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org> wrote:
> If one tries to add a remote directory to a FileList the example server  details lists the no longer extant st.cs.uiuc.edu, which is a little disappointing.
> Do we have a good replacement? Preferably a good place on our own server(s)? I did actually try files.squeak.org but that
> a) failed
> b) exposed me to the great joy of a loop of unhandled error handling handling errors in erroneous handling.
> I *can* get to my own server, so the basics still function - but I’m not providing access to that for the world in general.

So, the obvious first question is whether anyone knows a suitable ftp site we can point to in this example? A possibly more interesting question is whether anyone has ever updated the FTPClient code to handle sftp; I'm taking a look around but can't see anything that stands out to me. If so, then the range of possible sites for the example is considerably wider. If not, well, now is not the time to add it but it sure would be nice to have all our internet stuff bang up to date and fully buzzword compliant.

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