[squeak-dev] new VM appears not to be flushing

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 23:17:25 UTC 2020

Magma has been stable in 5.2 for a long time under an older VM, all tests
pass.  But by changing ONLY the VM (not the image) to the new
release-candidate, it fails the forward-recovery test.  This test tests the
scenario of a server failure during mid-write.  Unless I change
StandardFileStream>>#flush as in Files-cmm.182, the recovery data which
Magma relies on #flush to ensure is preserved is, in fact, not preserved.
It appears to be a breakage of the contract which causes the test to fail.
This functionality is important to avoid corrupting databases.

I saw a discussion on the Cuis list in which someone was asserting that
flush is no longer necessary(!!), and made a vague reference to a "thread
on squeak-dev" which I never found.

I hope this is just an oversight, otherwise I'll have to rely something
like Files-cmm.182, which is half the speed of the old #flush.

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