[squeak-dev] inserting the results of doit in code highlighted contexts

Stéphane Rollandin lecteur at zogotounga.net
Mon Jan 13 23:47:52 UTC 2020

>     However, if we decide to insert more text outside of the selection
>     on print-it, this habit won't be so easy. So at least, please make a
>     preference for this :)
> Agreed.  This does feel like a preference to me too.  On or off by 
> default?  Votes please...

I vote for the original code, outside the selection, to be left 
untouched by default. This convey simplicity and straightforwardness, 
which I believe is in the spirit of Smalltalk.

Now my inner hacker also says that if something more than the result 
printString is to be inserted, then it would be nice to have that highly 
customizable so that it can fit several workflows, and maybe be set 
differently for different tools... But for now a preference is fine AFAIAC.


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