[squeak-dev] variable assignments button

Ralph Boland rpboland at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 17:34:45 UTC 2020

In the Browsers there is a line of buttons:  "browse", "senders" etc.
One of the buttons is  "vars"  which when pressed brings up a GUI that
allows you to select a variable and then a list of all methods using
that variable
is brought up from which you can select a method to inspect.

Sometimes I only want to view the subset of the methods in which the
variable is assigned.
I have implemented this feature (new button to the right of "vars"
labeled  ":=")
and find it to be very useful.
I am wondering if this feature can be added to the next version of Squeak.
I can send my code changes if someone is willing to do this but the changes
required are small so my help may not be needed.

If some do not like this feature (it's great really!) then perhaps it
could be turned
on or off depending on a Preferences setting.

If this feature happens to be in  5.3 then my apologies for wasting
peoples time.

Ralph Boland

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