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Chris Muller ma.chris.m at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 21:36:35 UTC 2020

> > It wasn't really meant as a proposal as much as an "example" of how we
> do it with our object oriented UI.  Since that is already available on the
> Class menu (also as Cmd+a on that pane, which is how I usually access it),
> we will have to decide whether we want to lengthen the already-long text
> menu, as you alluded to below..
> In your previous message, you convinced me that it would be a better user
> experience to select the subject first and the operation second.

Great!  :)

> This workflow is not supported by <cmd>a.

Very true.  The MC Browser also forces me into the "operation first,
subject second" workflow.  I definitely prefer your Inbox submission for
the workflow dimension, but..

> But yes, the current text morph menu is way too long.

.. yep.  :)  On small screens, some menus end up taller than the screen.

> Maybe we should clean it up at some time (for example, by extracting all
> find/"* with it" items into one submenu ... just an idea).
> > Maybe the button row could morph itself automatically into one of those
> based on size and number of truncated labels..  :)   Another idea, ability
> to select which functions one wants at each place...   :-o   :)
> Ah, that sounds a bit like MS (Office) Ribbons :) They are indeed a good
> example of how to keep a UI quite clear.

Also like what we did with button labels, shortening them to the first
letter when their extent gets too small.  I ended up liking that, and could
imagine something similar with menus, wherever we currently put a separator
break, ---------- , what if it could be a "grayed out" label for that
section of menu items which would, whenever the World height was too small,
collapse that section into into a cascading menu, and ungray the label..?

> Free configurability of each menu and button bar is a cool thing, but when
> I think at Visual Studio, for example, there were so many command lists to
> be adjusted that I actually never managed to adjust any of them.

"Command lists?"  It sounds like they buried it into some tab on a modal
"Preferences" panel?  The Squeak way is "live" configuration.
Shift+red-click a menu item, you can edit it.  Shift+blue-click it, and you
can use the red halo to remove it, or the green-halo to tear it off as a
button and place it anywhere, such as the DockingBar.  We just need to make
it _remember_ these actions, and put the removed ones under "more..." for
retrieval.  Squeak's live configuration is allows the user to do it without
having to context-switch.

> Plus, this kind of modularity impair universally comprehensible and
> reproducibly tutorials or screenshots.

I hope you won't limit your imagination based on that.  No, close your eyes
and let it run wild, imagine the most amazing and intuitive UI ever
(something like in Minority Report).  Worry NOTHING about the
implementation, ONLY the vision, as a user, and what you would want.  THEN
make the tutorials and screenshots about THAT!  Maybe it'd even be a
self-teaching, user-guiding UI, like in video games, so you wouldn't even
need them.  Have you noticed how many modern consumer products no longer
come with owners manuals, just "quick start" cards?  Integrated
documentation seems to be a thing...  :)

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