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Thu Jan 30 18:05:12 UTC 2020

Christoph Thiede uploaded a new version of Morphic to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Morphic-ct.1622
Author: ct
Time: 30 January 2020, 7:05:04.363325 pm
UUID: 8641b370-6222-f948-aeda-fbb50f764f72
Ancestors: Morphic-cmm.1618

Proposal: Swap key and item of an Integer's explorer contents. Integer representations are not really keys, but rather values. In an explorer's code pane, this allows you to interact with the selected string representation (for example '101010') which is much more interesting than the base name (for example 'binary').

=============== Diff against Morphic-cmm.1618 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Integer>>explorerContents (in category '*Morphic-Explorer') -----
  		('hexadecimal' 16)
  		('octal' 8)
  		('binary' 2)) collect: [ :each |
+ 				with: (self printStringBase: each second)
+ 				name: each first translated
- 				with: each first translated
- 				name: (self printStringBase: each second)
  				model: self ]!

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