[squeak-dev] squeak.sh appears unable to allow specifying a project/file

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Jul 17 21:48:49 UTC 2020

We briefly touched on this at the last board meeting and I just got egg on my face trying to demonstrate how easy it was to run a Squeak commandline job.

The immediate problem is that the squeak.sh script included in the current linux-x64 package does not let us run things in the form -
./squeak.sh my.image my.st
because sometihng is making the VM see 'my.image my.st' as a single (bad) filename.
With the shell debugging turned on it seems the last line of the script 
exec "${VM}" "${IMAGE}"
is resulting in the eventual command being 
exec /home/tim/Squeak/{blah=blah}/bin/squeak 'my.image my.st'
If I manually run that line without the quotes around the image & st filenames it runs properly. I imagine the must be some magic tweak to the script that would solve this? Any suggestions anyone?

The equivalent script included in the development build VMs is completely different, doing interesting things related to GDB and LLDPATH and ... other stuff I don't understand. That also appears to wrap the image & st files in ' '.

The equivalent script in the all-in-one is again different and does some working out of which VM to run per the platform but doesn't look like it would handle the st file any better.

The matter discussed at the SOB was that none of them actually do anything akin to a 'proper unix install', which is in itself a can of parasitic brain worms I'd prefer to leave to other people. 

tl;dr - 
a) what magic would make the final command not have ' ' wrapped around the image & st filenames?
b) can we try to make a less confusing system of scripts and have it/them do better? Cue dtl to rant a little on this...

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