[squeak-dev] FileList improvements (was Re: A big thank you to whoever made the tree in FileList display in alphabetical order)

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Thu Jul 23 05:17:15 UTC 2020

> On 2020-07-22, at 6:38 PM, Chris Muller <asqueaker at gmail.com> wrote:
> Please don't take this personally, I'd really like to see an option to turn it off.  I really miss the plain, blazing-fast text box which let me begin typing immediately, let me cut and paste fully-qualified names, and literally, was a 10X faster workflow for the operations that now involve being forced to navigate a tree, click-by-click, intermixed with scrolling and visually scanning with my tired, bloodshot eyes.  Operations like "image save as..." or "add repository..." went from < 1 second with no disruption in thought, to > 10 seconds for it to put up the big dialog I don't want to see at all because it almost always leaves me at... "umm..  what was I doing..?"

Feel free to add a preference if you feel you must. But note that on a Pi - the slowest machines in regular use with Squeak -  it takes less than 1 tenth of a second to open the image-save-as dialogue, so if your machine is taking even close to 10 seconds there is something interestingly weird going on and we need to profile it to find out why.

Also, simply type a file path in the text box and return. It even does the #assureExistence checks to make sure the path exists. Or use no path and it will save in the same directory it came from. Or paste that stuff in as before. It all still works.

Also, strictly speaking, gettimothy was referring to the FileList anyway...

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