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Tue Jun 2 03:47:46 UTC 2020

A new version of PreferenceBrowser was added to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: PreferenceBrowser-cbc.103
Author: cbc
Time: 1 June 2020, 8:47:46.016726 pm
UUID: a2e0791b-c23c-9044-9d60-4ac9c13e4db0
Ancestors: PreferenceBrowser-mt.102

Fixes similar issue to mt.103, except uses the test found in PreferenceBrowser instead of creating a new text.  This method may be superior, since the preference help will be localized in one location.

=============== Diff against PreferenceBrowser-mt.102 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PreferenceWizardMorph>>initializePage04InteractionMore (in category 'initialization - pages') -----
+ 	| currentPage pane filterableHelp |
- 	| currentPage pane |
  	currentPage := pages add: self createPage.
  	pane := self createScrollPane.
  	currentPage addMorphBack: (self createLabel: 'Choose more interaction settings' color: Color white).
  	currentPage addMorphBack: pane.
+ 	"Next line added because using 'normal' lookup does not find the right text."
+ 	filterableHelp := Preferences allPreferences
+ 		detect:[:pref | pref name = 'Filterable Lists']
+ 		ifFound: [:pref | (pref helpString lines joinSeparatedBy: ' ') withBlanksTrimmed]
+ 		ifNone: [''].
  	pane scroller firstSubmorph addAllMorphsBack: {
  		self createCheckbox: 'Windows raise on click' translated for: #WindowsRaiseOnClick help: #(window raise).
  		self createCheckbox: 'Windows always active' for: #WindowsAlwaysActive help: #(window content active).
  		self createCheckbox: 'Window buttons always active' translated for: #WindowButtonsAlwaysActive help: #(window control active).
  		self createVerticalSpace.
  		self createCheckbox: 'Smart horizontal splitters' translated for: #SmartHorizontalSplitters help: #(horizontal splitter).
  		self createCheckbox: 'Smart vertical splitters' translated for: #SmartVerticalSplitters help: #(vertical splitter).
  		self createVerticalSpace.
+ 		self createCheckbox: 'Filterable lists and trees' translated for: #FilterableLists help: filterableHelp.
- 		self createCheckbox: 'Filterable lists and trees' translated for: #FilterableLists help: #(filterable).
  		self createCheckbox: 'Filters clear if unfocused' translated for: #ClearFilterAutomatically help: #(filter clear).
  		self createVerticalSpace.
  		self createCheckbox: 'Attach tools to mouse' translated for: #AttachToolsToMouse help: #(tools attach).		

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