[squeak-dev] Error in Promises/A+ reject implementation?

Robert Withers robert.withers at pm.me
Fri Jun 5 14:43:35 UTC 2020

Hi Tony,

I reworked the packaging and the code split. Please load the following to see local promises:

> Installer ss project: 'Cryptography'; install: 'PromisesLocal'.

and then run the PromisesLocal tests, all #green.


And to see the remote promises, load the following:

> Installer ss project: 'Cryptography'; install: 'ProCrypto-1-1-1'; install: 'ProCryptoTests-1-1-1'.
> Installer ss project: 'Cryptography'; install: 'PromisesLoader'.

Run all tests, EXCEPT PromisesRemote tests. 414 tests, all #green. Now run the following #green PromisesRemote tests:

> - Base64EncodingTestCase
> - RememberTableTestCase
> - SealerUnsealerTestCase
> - SerializationTestCase
> - SubstitutionSerializationTestCase

As I am porting PromisesRemote onto the latest iteration of the ParrotTalk interface, the remote tests (LookupTestCase & OperationalTestCase) are not green. They're #Red. I wanted to give you a heads up on the package renames for local promises, such that you could not waste your time exploring this implementation. I'll email once I get those remote tests working again.

K, r

On 6/4/20 5:25 PM, Robert Withers wrote:

> Hi Tony,
> Well, this Promise implementation made it into the Kernel and schedules
> into the future (this seems to be the only use). So it certainly strikes
> me as official.
> Have you ever had a chance to look at the 'CapabilitiesLocal'
> implementation I modeled after ERights, many many years ago? It has
> tests. I would welcome comment & feedback.
> Installer ss project: 'Cryptography'; install: 'CapabilitiesLocal'.
> Kindly,
> Robert
> On 6/4/20 10:16 AM, Tony Garnock-Jones wrote:
>> Hi Jakob,
>> On 4/5/20 12:00 AM, Jakob Reschke wrote:
>>> I think our Promise behaves wrong, but I would like a second opinion.
>> I think you're right. And I think we should fix it. I'll draft a repair.
>> I don't think there are many users of Promise out there -- if there are,
>> and any are reading this, please speak up if fixing the bug Jakob
>> reported would be a problem.
>>> I think the behavior in our Promise is also in violation with the
>>> Promises/A+ specification it claims to implement
>>> (
>>> https://promisesaplus.com/
>>> ):
>>> [...]
>>> 2.2.7 then must return a promise.
>>>      promise2 = promise1.then(onFulfilled, onRejected);
>>> If either onFulfilled or onRejected returns a value x, run the
>>> Promise Resolution Procedure [[Resolve]](promise2, x).
>>> If either onFulfilled or onRejected throws an exception e,
>>> promise2 must be rejected with e as the reason.
>>> [...]
>> Thanks for digging into the spec here. That'll be helpful for getting
>> the tests right.
>>> On an only slightly related note, I am unhappy that I cannot debug
>>> errors in promise handler blocks [...] Opinions?
>> I don't know what to think about this, I'm afraid! I'd be keen to hear
>> more from others about what a good alternative to the current behaviour
>> might be.
>> Regards,
>>    Tony
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