[squeak-dev] Image not startable after save

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Sun Jun 7 10:43:52 UTC 2020

Hi all!

I found the bug. I think. :-)

1. The Solution:

- Move Project before AutoStart in the StartUpList --- maybe even before PasteUpMorph and ControlManager bc. Project is more general than those two, which should be removed alltogether from the list
- In PasteUpMorph >> #installFlaps, replace "self displayWorld" with "self changed"
- From AutoStart class >> #startUp:, move "Project current startUpActions" to Project class >> #startUp:

Doing either one of those will fix the bug. But all are quite important in the long term. ;-)

2. The Bug:

AutoStart has a weird call to Project class >> #startUpActions. If you happen to have local flap tabs (not just the shared/global ones), those actions will trigger a #displayWorld, which will then try to force display updates. At that point, the VM has no idea about the actual display depth and defaults to 0 --- while the image still has 32 configured for the display object.

We did not notice this because DisplayScreen did set those values way before AutoStart was called.

3. How did I found out?

By looking at the complete stack trace. AutoStart was in there. Then it was easy to see and spot in the actual source code.

          0xa6e4a0 I DisplayScreen>forceToScreen: 0x5d2cb78: a(n) DisplayScreen
          0xa6e4d8 M [] in DisplayScreen>forceDamageToScreen: 0x5d2cb78: a(n) DisplayScreen
          0xa6e518 M OrderedCollection>do: 0x5810168: a(n) OrderedCollection
          0xa6e570 I DisplayScreen>forceDamageToScreen: 0x5d2cb78: a(n) DisplayScreen
          0xa6e5b8 I AnimWorldState(WorldState)>forceDamageToScreen: 0xb33abd0: a(n) AnimWorldState
          0xa6e628 I AnimWorldState(WorldState)>displayWorld:submorphs: 0xb33abd0: a(n) AnimWorldState
          0xa6e678 I PasteUpMorph>privateOuterDisplayWorld 0xb33a7f8: a(n) PasteUpMorph
  !!!     0xa6e6b8 I PasteUpMorph>displayWorld 0xb33a7f8: a(n) PasteUpMorph
  !!!     0xa6e6f8 I [] in PasteUpMorph>installFlaps 0xb33a7f8: a(n) PasteUpMorph
          0xa6e758 I OrderedCollection(SequenceableCollection)>keysAndValuesDo: 0x5687588: a(n) OrderedCollection
          0xa6e7a8 I PasteUpMorph>installFlaps 0xb33a7f8: a(n) PasteUpMorph
          0xa6e7e8 I PasteUpMorph>install 0xb33a7f8: a(n) PasteUpMorph
  !!!     0xa6e828 I AnimMorphicProject(MorphicProject)>startUpActions 0xb33a718: a(n) AnimMorphicProject
          0xa6e878 I AutoStart class>startUp: 0x60a6db0: a(n) AutoStart class

@Christoph: I cannot relate to the stack trace you posted here earlier. It seems way too late for the bug to show itself. Can you post it again?

Am 07.06.2020 11:48:27 schrieb Marcel Taeumel <marcel.taeumel at hpi.de>:
Hi all!

DisplayScreen should be removed from the startup list. It is not necessary anymore. Project will do the job just fine.

Yeah, the trick I suggested with the start-up script will -- unfortunately -- not work. ProjectLauncher is processing those after the first drawing cycle in Morphic.

Those cases with a broken display depth in some images out there still puzzles me. Given that the .sources-file-not-found trick works, there is something else in the StartUpList after 8 (FileDirectory) that actually breaks the Display object, which means that it works up to that point. Note that 8 > 5. ;-) Everything *can* work without having DisplayScreen in the StartUpList.

Your broken images are really valuable here! Please do not overwrite them.

Am 06.06.2020 18:17:35 schrieb Thiede, Christoph <christoph.thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de>:
I just got it! It was indeed a question of load order. After moving #DisplayScreen in the StartUpList back to index 5 (instead of appending it at the end), my image starts again without renaming any files.
I suppose that all these renamings tricks were only relevant for deferring the execution of the startup list, which - so I suspect - reset the display screen depth temporarily at some point, I don't know.

So to summarize, to rescue your image, you have to:
* apply the 5 steps from my previous message once
* add DisplayScreen >> #startUp (*)
* Evaluate this:
(SmalltalkImage classVarNamed: #StartUpList) add: #DisplayScreen afterIndex: 4
* And save your image.

I hope this helps other people to rescue their images, too :-)

* Source:
startUp  "DisplayScreen startUp"
Display setExtent: self actualScreenSize depth: Display nativeDepth.
Display beDisplay

Nevertheless thank you for the kind offer, Fabio!
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Thank you, Jakob.

Well, I have to revoke my previous success message. Restarting my image another time and it crashes again on startup ...

But I have looked up my sources files. They do contain DisplayScreen class >> #startUp. And (Smalltalk class classVarNamed: #StartUpList) includes: #DisplayScreen. What could be the problem?

Wild guess: there's something wrong with the display form and the Windows VM crashes before the beDisplay primitive is called with a fresh one. That could explain why it works on macOS. I could have a look at the raw display object if you provide an image.


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Am Sa., 6. Juni 2020 um 17:25 Uhr schrieb Thiede, Christoph <Christoph.Thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de [mailto:Christoph.Thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de]>:

How did you hit on that?
That I tried the same copy of the VM from another folder at all is because I have the unpacked zips lying around and always copy the current VM that I use to a different folder, where the Windows file association looks for it. So when I switch VMs, I won't have to tell Windows again how to open these .image files...

I compared the folders with a merge tool (after renaming my Squeak64.exe .ini and .manifest back). All the binary files are equal, and Monticello/Metacello cache folders, the default image and changes file, debug logs, and crash dumps aside, the only meaningful difference left was eventually the presence of the sources file.
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