[squeak-dev] [ANN] ModifierKeysMorph & WebClientOAuth2 (Zinc-SSO port)

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Thu Jun 11 06:21:08 UTC 2020

Hi Tim,

thank you for sharing your efforts!

> But it's also slightly less complex than Zinc-SSO because I only left in the bits that support Google's OAuth2.

I suppose that generic support for OAuth2 would be gold for Squeak Trunk. :-) Maybe with a simple way to add more service providers besides Google... GitLab, GitHub, Discord, Reddit, Bitbucket, ... 

Am 11.06.2020 07:20:24 schrieb Tim Johnson <digit at sonic.net>:
Hi all,

I've uploaded a couple of Squeaky items to GitHub.


First, a Morph designed to show the current status of the modifier
keys, in the docking bar or otherwise:


Included in that repo is both a FileTree repo and a simple .st fileout
for doing a filein. Pretty basic, should work for anybody (?).

It might be nice to add to SqueakMap — I've never done that and would
be fine with being coached if anybody's up for it.

Aside: how nice is it to be able to create a complete menu bar item
from scratch in just a few hours after work? In fact, it took almost
as long just to write this email. Squeak for the win.


Second, a rudimentary hack-and-slash I made last year of Zinc-SSO so
it would use WebClient instead of Zinc:


It is designed for use with Seaside ... but maybe could be decoupled
from Seaside too?

A lot of the code is just duplicated from Zinc-SSO, except that code
which calls WebClient and/or WebUtils. But it's also slightly less
complex than Zinc-SSO because I only left in the bits that support
Google's OAuth2.

I don't know if it could be useful to anyone in its current state, but
I did use it in another project and it was working without issues. I
may have broken something when I extracted it for release here.

a Tim

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