[squeak-dev] The Inbox: System-dtl.1164.mcz

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Jun 12 22:07:43 UTC 2020

OK, the DoItFirst-dtl.2.cs filed in ok. It did however make the image save suddenly take a very long time  - but after save/quit and restartin the save no longer takes ages. Weird.

I had to execute - 

 time  /home/pi/Documents/Squeak/sqcogspurlinuxhtRPi/squeak /home/pi/Documents/Squeak/CmdLineTests-TPR-Squeak5.3-19682-32bit.image  -- -evaluate "(3 + 4 + Float pi cubed) asScaledDecimal: 20"

real	0m0.393s
user	0m0.086s
sys	0m0.283s

a) no idea what the 'run' command might be and it is not on Raspbian
b) I'm guessing your 'squeak' script was finding the default named image?
c) that time was for a Pi 4, which took about 3x as long as what I image is probably a reasonably modern x64 box? The registered user time was less than double though. Not bad for $35.

I must be doing something wrong when I tried the -doit option though; it faults in CodeLoader>>installSourceFile: Apparently sometihng has lead it to see an HTTPDownloadRequest ... ok, so the ProjectLauncher>>startUpAfterLogin sees that Preferences readDocumentAtStartup is true and that makes the unwarranted assumption that self getSystemAttribute: 2 will provide the document path. Oops. 

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