[squeak-dev] Starting an image from SqueakConsole manipulates pwd

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Sun Jun 14 10:34:56 UTC 2020

> On 14.06.2020, at 12:18, K K Subbu <kksubbu.ml at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 14/06/20 1:14 pm, Tobias Pape wrote:
>> What would the cwd be if you double-click on a desktop (linux/win/mac)?
>> most users do not start the image using a shell…
> It shouldn't matter. CWD is a property of the current process and shared between the vm and plugin. It is just one of the platform-specific paths that is used to resolve partial names into complete paths. I don't see a need for the image to resolve the complete path before calling the plugin to open/create files.

It sure does. 

> Instead of expecting the image to only give complete paths, let the plugin resolve partial paths like 'squeak.image' by looking up a list of directories like vmPath, CWD or even something like $HOME or $DOCUMENTS.

kpsewhich, here we come xD

> Earlier, someone (Tim?) proposed that squeak.image/changes be distributed in the VM directory as readonly and let developers save copies in their own directory. It will be trivial to support such deployments if plugins resolved partial names too.

We can handle that without changing any file or plugin logic, already.
I've just not had the time to implement the copying logic.

Best regards

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