[squeak-dev] Two's Complement and Squeak Integers

Eric Gade eric.gade at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 18:09:15 UTC 2020

Hi Karl,

Integer readFrom: '11111111' readStream base: 2.  ?

When I evaluate this in Squeak, the Integer produced is 255 (I need to get
from 255 to -1 -- and back again if possible).

One hint that I've found in the image is that Integers respond to a message
#highBitOfMagnitude, which gives me the value of the most significant bit
in the integer. That is a starting point if I want to treat the bits in
twos-complement: I can determine if the desired representation should be
negative or positive. However, I'm not sure how to actually translate the
bits into a matching Squeak integer with the correct sign and value.

Here is a more concrete explanation of my issue: In the implementation /
simulation, Register objects store their values as Squeak Integers, and
they are truncated at evaluation to be 32-bit integers. Some instructions
will treat a register as signed and others as unsigned. For unsigned
treatment, there's no problem: Squeak always has the correct bit values for
what I need. I just need to figure out what to "do" with the integer in the
register when I want to treat it as signed. In the case of a value like -1
('11111111') I can send that #highBitOfMagnitude to determine if it should
be a negative or positive value, but then what? I can't just send
#negative, because that gives me -255

PS - Perhaps at some point there was a #twosComplement method implemented
on Integers. There is an EToys object that is currently sending the message
(which has no implementors in 5.3 as far as I can see): SecurityManager >>

On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 1:44 PM karl ramberg <karlramberg at gmail.com> wrote:

> Integer readFrom: '11111111' readStream base: 2.  ?
> Best,
> Karl
> On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 6:36 PM Eric Gade <eric.gade at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I'm smack in the middle of making some RISC-V tools in Squeak, which
>> means I'm dealing with a lot of low-level bit manipulation.
>> One question I have is how best to deal with two's complement
>> representations of integers in Squeak, and how to translate between the
>> different (positive v negative) values based on a given set of bits (or a
>> byteArray or whatever).
>> For example, doing the following:
>> -1 printStringBase: 2 nDigits: 8. "11111111"
>> Gives the expected binary value "11111111"
>> However (and as we should expect), evaluating the following:
>> 2r11111111. "255"
>> Gives the (again, expected) value 255.
>> My question is: what is the best way to convert between the complements
>> in Squeak? How can I take 255, examine its bits, and get -1 as the response
>> (or convert in the reverse)? I'm assuming there are already ways to deal
>> with this, I just cannot find them.
>> Thanks!
>> --
>> Eric

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