[squeak-dev] suggest copying Date >> printOn:format: comment to the class comment

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Fri Jun 19 11:54:51 UTC 2020

Hi Folks

Formatting date/time is a very common task and having either the comment from Date >> printOn: format:  

"Print a description of the receiver on aStream using the format 

denoted the argument, formatArray:

#(item item item sep monthfmt yearfmt twoDigits)

items: 1=day 2=month 3=year will appear in the order given,

separated by sep which is eaither an ascii code or character.

monthFmt: 1=09 2=Sep 3=September

yearFmt: 1=1996 2=96

digits: (missing or)1=9 2=09.

in the Class comment  or pointer to the above information would shorten learning times for newbies like me.

Fwiw, I hit the Swiki, stack-exchange pharo discussion which led me to Terse guide example of a related method which then got me to the information I needed.

thx for your consideration.
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