[squeak-dev] Directory name sorting in file list and file chooser/saver dialogues

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Sat Jun 20 04:43:54 UTC 2020

I've not made a lot of use of the filelist in a long time but recently it seems to be something I need more frequently. It was bugging me for some reason and I finally realised why - the directory tree isn't sorting subdirectories alphabetically - they're just random (presumably strictly speaking in order of unix file node number of linkage or whatever) and that makes finding stuff surprisingly hard. The file dialogues are sorted but...

There's an easy fix but there is also a UI issue; sort by strict ASCII type sort or by case-ignore ASCII? I prefer case-ignore but I suspect that isn't universal. So, before I commit something, chime in about your preferences. I'd really prefer not to add yet another preference - we have orders of magnitude too many - but if it is really neccessary...

And I suppose there may be some issue about hidden files too. 

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