[squeak-dev] [ANN] The Heart of the Snake King

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Fri Jun 26 17:35:04 UTC 2020

> On 26.06.2020, at 18:42, K K Subbu <kksubbu.ml at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 26/06/20 12:44 pm, Tobias Pape wrote:
>> In private mode, several session storage APIs of Firefox are
>> forbidden to be used.
> Thank you, Tobias, for your detailed analysis of the log.
> I wonder if it is possible to hold changes file in memory too, just like the image. The changes file is only around 48MB. If held in memory, it may increase its footprint to around 200MB, still small for a 64bit system.

I don't think the problem is the size after all.
The problem is that in private mode, apis and resources are limited and as a result of that,
the loaded files do not look like they're in that file system. But Squeak needs them looking like files.

I presume the changes file is still around in memory but squeak on squeakjs is just not seeing them

Best regards

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