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Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 21:52:56 UTC 2020

When choosing colors, it's a process of selection and refinement -- the
user will almost always make multiple selections before settling on one.
So you need to be able to keep the color picker open while operating
whatever is being affected.  Ok and Cancel imply a modal color picker, I'd
rather keep it non-modal with multiple 'Undo' as the preferred way to
"cancel" prior selections.  I don't want to "Close" it until I'm ready to,
and a Close is just right for that.

 - Chris

On Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at 12:06 PM karl ramberg <karlramberg at gmail.com> wrote:

> And what about having buttons 'cancel' and 'ok' instead of 'close'
> 'cancel' when you don't want to change the color and 'ok' to confirm your
> choice.
> Best,
> Karl
> On Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at 5:55 PM karl ramberg <karlramberg at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> More nit picking about layout.
>> The buttons are more important than the text: Current selection:
>> Maybe remove that text all together.
>> Best,
>> Karl
>> On Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at 4:46 PM Thiede, Christoph <
>> Christoph.Thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de> wrote:
>>> > Would like that the text on the buttons did not abbreviate down.
>>> I think this is a space problem. If you expand it a little bit, you can
>>> read the full text:
>>> However, I added balloons for the buttons.
>>> Hm, should the default balloon text for each button in Squeak be its
>>> content if abbreviated?
>>> > One nice feature of old color picker is that it is modal and goes
>>> away on mouse up, but I guess I will get used to the new one.
>>> The advantage of the new one is that no modality is enforced. You can
>>> open multiple pickers side-by-side, even on the same target (though I'm
>>> afraid they are not synced).
>>> @Subbu: I value your argument, it's just the morph being recolored not
>>> really looking nice during moving your cursor when picking is enabled.
>>> Let's wait some time for others' opinions :)
>>> Best,
>>> Christoph
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>>> *Betreff:* Re: [squeak-dev] The Inbox: Morphic-ct.1634.mcz
>>> On 29/02/20 6:23 PM, Thiede, Christoph wrote:
>>> >  > Liveness support in Morphic is designed to handle situations like
>>> this.
>>> >
>>> > Fair point, liveness is a great good! However ...
>>> > The current approach makes it possible to click the picking button,
>>> move
>>> > your mouse and then click the picking button again without affecting
>>> the
>>> > target's color. It's like typing something into an inspector pane
>>> > without accepting it. Is this an important behavior? Otherwise, we
>>> could
>>> > drop that #isPicking conditional.
>>> Morphic is designed for live and direct interaction instead of modal
>>> interactions. When selecting a color, you either copy from another Morph
>>> (picking) or choose a new shade from a color pane. The color pane is
>>> quite dense, so a preview pane is useful while we click and drag over
>>> the pane. Morphic logic is quite compact and simple to implement. Using
>>> mode flags disrupts this flow and introduces unnecessary complexity.
>>> This is just my opinion. I will let others with more experience in
>>> Morphic pitch in their views.
>>> Regards .. Subbu
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