[squeak-dev] swiki links broken in rc3

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Mon Mar 2 09:14:14 UTC 2020

Hi, there.

We should work on a better integration of Swiki in 6.0alpha. ;-)

Am 01.03.2020 20:07:30 schrieb tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org>:

> On 2020-03-01, at 2:23 AM, K K Subbu wrote:
> Hi,
> In RC3, Help->Squeak Swiki brings up a window with a selected number of swiki pages, but the hyperlinked text do not work.
> If I select "How to contribute to Squeak" and select "Monticello", I get an error:
> -----
> There is no Web browser installed but the URL was copied to the clipboard /squeak/1287
> Do you want to view the Web page's source/response any way?
> -----
> If I now select yes, I get an "Error: Unsupported scheme:/squeak/1287" window. The URL is missing the server part. Anyone else see this error?

Yes; same error.

And it is very surprising to see a whole load of downloading happening when you first click on 'Help->Squeak Swiki'. And even more surprising what you actually get as a result; a '500 Internal Server Error' seems to be a frequent thing.

This type of help page seems to be parsing and (at least partially successfully) rendering the swiki page text, which is nice but a way to cancel the downloading if it is taking too long would be nice. The list view of pages is working (mostly, bar the 500's) to provide the linkage from page to page but the text view isn't - since the text has plain (but incorrect) TextURLs in the runs array we get not so helpful behaviour.

The TextURLs seem to be incorrectly built during the download/parse and instead of a plausible schema we get a URL such as '/squeak/2915'. That is what causes the immediate issue Subbu is reporting. Of course, we probably really need to fix the parse to create sometihng more like SwikiHelpLink objects that will work with the help page model to do more appropriate things.

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