[squeak-dev] swiki links broken in rc3

Thiede, Christoph Christoph.Thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Mon Mar 2 10:42:31 UTC 2020

For the short term, I just sent some improvements for SWikiHelp and HtmlHelpTopic to the inbox.

For the long term, I wonder whether we could unify our different help/documentation systems in some way? We have:

  *   hard-coded help topics in the HelpBrowser
  *   swiki
  *   https://squeak.org/documentation/terse_guide/ (only one article, but, IMO, it provides a much better design and readability thank swiki).

There is a high risk of duplication and obsoletion.
Maybe we could extend swiki to answer specific requests for the content only. The easiest way could be to define a mime-type "text/html-pure" or something like this, directly in the swiki server image?
Ideally, we could redesign swiki to support a complete REST API which you could use to read and write from within the HelpBrowser :D


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On 02/03/20 12:37 AM, tim Rowledge wrote:
> And it is very surprising to see a whole load of downloading
> happening when you first click on 'Help->Squeak Swiki'. And even more
> surprising what you actually get as a result; a '500 Internal Server
> Error' seems to be a frequent thing.

Is it really necessary to download the entire Squeak swiki given that
many of its pages contain content that would no longer be relevant to
the current version?

This could easily lead to OOM conditions on small machines, if done

A few relevant content (like Morphic or How to contribute ...) could be
pulled into Welcome topic and this entry can be elided from the Help Menu.

Regards .. Subbu

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