[squeak-dev] Need some help to contribute

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 21:48:48 UTC 2020

> For example, today, what I have been missing is that the image to use is
> the trunk one - updating the latest release is not good.

If it's a relatively small change like a fix, it's absolutely fine to
contribute to the Inbox straight from a recent release image like 5.3 or
even 5.2, if that suits you.  The tools are able to diff just your changes
relative to whatever ancestor you made your change to.  The only impact
relative to doing it from trunk is that it increases the chance of a method
change conflict that must be resolved.  But a conflict can happen with any
contribution, no matter how young, so integrators are already ready and
able to deal with them and, in 99% of cases, able to easily resolve it with
the latest version of the method.

 - Chris

> And it did not help that the 'Current trunk image' link in
> https://squeak.org/downloads/ does not point to 6.0alpha, but to 5.3beta.

> Stef
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