[squeak-dev] Squeak5.3 linux ARMv6 segfaults on startup

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Mon Mar 9 01:17:21 UTC 2020

> On 2020-03-08, at 12:12 PM, tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org> wrote:
> From the stack etc it looks as if something within SmalltalkImage>setGCParameters (so immediately after the return from snapshot primitive) calls vsprintf() and has a little conniption. Not clear whether the issue is in the vmParameterAt: or the vmParameterAt:put: yet.

OK, no particular helpful news from looking at the VM generated code; the vmParameterAt:put: case would seem to be using the code in src/vm/cointerp.c ll: 55603-8 where I see no plausible connection to vsprintf(). Sigh.

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