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> I see, alright, that's fair dinkum. I also feel strongly that a minimum
> of tests be carried within the primary package for some code. If you
> look at the Crypto packages, you'll see Hashing tests in hashing, Random
> tests in Random, Cipher tests in Cipher. This way it is easy to run
> them, off a CI server or what have you. The tests come with the code, is
> a principle I try to follow.

Just my .02: I don't like the approach of putting tests with the code.  I'm
absolutely in favor of having as many tests as make sense, just please put
them in a separate package.  While your approach seems reasonable for
people who are working interactively on code and want to make sure things
stay working as they are making changes, it doesn't make sense when what
you are going for is a minimal or server image where the existing code is
just being used, not actively developed.

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