[squeak-dev] I am interested in porting Croquet to Squeak6.0 alpha , need 30, 000 ft' view and advise on how to approach the project

Nikolay Suslov nsuslovi at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 14:19:42 UTC 2020

Great to hear about that! Yes, if you would like to make a start from my
port of Croquet onto current Squeak, I would like recommend to you to use
the GitHub repository at https://github.com/NikolaySuslov/croquet-squeak.
I have just recently pushed a small fix for running it on recent Squeak 5.3
image. This will allow you to start experimenting with "no graphic"
Croquet, but be sure that all OpenGL related stuff will not work on the
latest Mac OS with Metal backend yet.

Best regards,

On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 11:16 PM gettimothy via Squeak-dev <
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> Hi folks,
> /opt/usr/src/smalltalk/squeak6.0alpha/shared/Squeak6.0alpha-19432-64bit.image
> Squeak6.0alpha
> latest update: #19521
> Current Change Set: HomeProject
> Image format 68021 (64 bit)
> I would like to start utilizing my "wind down" time to start making
> Croquet on a 64 bit system happen.
> I know that Nicolay has started porting to 32 bit system.
> IIRC Croquet is a peer-to-peer system, so it makes sense to start at the
> bottom communication layer, get that working and build up.
> What do you think?
> cheers,
> tty
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