[squeak-dev] [Vm-dev] SHA512 squeak implementation?

Robert robert.withers at pm.me
Wed Mar 11 22:47:52 UTC 2020

Dear Levente,

I had to rework the Hashing package. It was recording change records that moved RGSixtyTwoBitRegisters before another to rename them CryptoSixtyTwoBitRegisters, CryptographyHashing was ripping them out of your Registers package and your code started failing. So I had to swap classes around packages and fix a few issues I had with SHA512 initialization, class & instance sides. I verified that they load in either order now and fully CryptoGreen. I setup dependencies through the latest Hashing package, 21. Here are the versions & how I load:

Anything with your merge I can help with, Levente? I am excited for the day to announce ProCrypto v1.1.1, you know! ^,^ Milk it. I added a pointer to the plugins.

Installer ss
     project: 'Registers';
     install: 'Registers';
     project: 'Hasher';
     install: 'HAHasher-Core';
     install: 'HAHasher-Tests'.

Installer ss
     project: 'Cryptography';
     install: 'CryptographyPlugins';
     install: 'CryptographyX509'.

K, r

ProCrypto packages and dependencies

Package	Size (kb)	Dependencies	Algorithms
1	CryptographyCore-rww.5	18
2	CryptographyASN1-rww.4	58
ASN1Module, ASN1InputStream, ASN1OutputStream
3	CryptographyHashing-rww.21	208	CryptographyCore-rww.5	ND2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512
4	CryptographyRandom-rww.11	21	CryptographyHashing-rww.21	RandomPool, PrimesFinder, Miller-Rabin, Fortuna, SecureRandom
5	CryptographyCiphers-rww.15	81	CryptographyRandom-rww.11
CryptographyASN1-rww.4	ARC2, ARC4, DES, TripleDES, Blowfish, Rijndael
6	CryptographySignatures-rww.15	37	CryptographyCiphers-rww.15	DSAKeyPairGenerator, ElGamalKeyPairGenerator, RSAKeyPairGenerator
7	CryptographyKeyExchange-rww.13	5	CryptographySignatures-rww.15	Diffie-Hellman
8	CryptographyArchive-rww.15	17	CryptographyKeyExchange-rww.13	PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1, PBKDF2WithHmacSHA256, PKCS12
9	CryptographyX509-rww.13	34	CryptographyArchive-rww.15	X509Certificate, X509CertificateDerReader, DSAPrivateKeyFileReader,
RSAPublicKeyFileGenerator, RSAPrivateKeyFileGenerator



On 3/10/20 8:31 PM, Robert wrote:

> I should share with you that I can load Levente's work in parallel and there are no toes stepped on. And all of his tests are CryptoGreen, with & out. This is a good.
> *message too large*
> kindly, rabbit
> On 3/10/20 6:06 PM, Robert wrote:
>> Hi Levente,
>> Here is a new release of CryptographyHashing-rww.15. It is not linked up through dependencies, so load it after. It supports SHA512WithPrimitive and SHA512NonPrimitive and passes all tests. CryptoGreen for SHA512, with the shiny, new SHA2Plugin and without. Find plugins here, for linux64x64: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Callisto%20House/squeak-crypto-plugins.
>> Here is this working implementation of SHA512. The naming ought to be without prefix for th ecore classes. I have no problem whatsoever if we were to rebase your work as the defining implementation for all of thosew funcrtions, using one plugin. That's something wonderful. We should use you hashFunction and rename without prefix. Tests separate, that's fashionable. We can figure out the mc config later.
>> publish your work on, then I will link your solution into dependencies.
>> CryptographyHashing-ul.16
>> CryptographyHashing-rww.15 (Release)
>> File:	[CryptographyHashing-rww.15.mcz](http://www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography/CryptographyHashing-rww.15.mcz)
>> Author:	[Robert Withers](http://www.squeaksource.com/@x4F_VDyHPTW39OmM/1dY6OOdf?24)
>> Timestamp:	10 March 2020 9:57:39 pm
>> UUID:	b7df722e-ab05-4465-97ef-deeffb0212d0
>> Ancestors:	[CryptographyHashing-rww.14](http://www.squeaksource.com/@x4F_VDyHPTW39OmM/1dY6OOdf?25)
>> Dependencies:	[CryptographyCore-rww.5](http://www.squeaksource.com/@x4F_VDyHPTW39OmM/1dY6OOdf?26)
>> Release:	This is a release that can be read by anybody.
>> Message:	adapt to new #primCopyoubleWords:intoBytes:.
>> CryptoGreen for SHA512, with the shiny, new SHA2Plugin and without. Find plugins here, for linux64x64: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Callisto%20House/squeak-crypto-plugins.
>> rttyk, r
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