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Wed Mar 11 22:58:07 UTC 2020

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> btw, the glMatrixMode:mode method tells us that it was automatically
> generated.
> by what? When? against what?
> glMatrixMode: mode
> *"This method was automatically generated."*
> "void glMatrixMode(GLenum mode);"
> <apicall: void 'glMatrixMode' (ulong) module: '#openGLLibraryName'>
> ^self externalCallFailed
> Is that "automatic generation"  an example of fundamental work that must
> be done to make Croquet rock-n-roll?
> cheers,
> tty

The methods have been automatically generated from the OpenGL spec a long
time ago, yes. But you do not have to re-generate them.

There is, however, some magic involved to get these methods bound to the
correct openGLLibraryName. At runtime, when you instantiate an OpenGL
object, the magic will actually create versions of these methods that have
the right calling convention (instead of "apicall") and the right library
name (e.g. 'libGL.so.1' on Linux).

See my other reply re: getting OpenGL via FFI to work in 64 bits.

- Bert -
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