[squeak-dev] Squeak5.3 linux ARMv6 segfaults on startup

Bruce O'Neel bruce.oneel at pckswarms.ch
Mon Mar 16 19:12:46 UTC 2020

Something to remember about git bisect is that it's a binary search.  
You give it a working version, I chose one from 31 May 2019, and a broken one, current, and it does the binary search where it makes a checkout the current one, and, you build and test.  Then you say that it's good or bad.  
But......  And this is very important.  You have to say that a version is bad if it does not produce a working binary.  The assumption is that there is one broken commit, and, therefore a binary search will work.  
It assumes that the problem is below, with Y means good and N means bad.  
It will find the transition between Y and N correctly.  
If on the other hand you have something like this, again with Y is good and N is bad:  
It will find likely find the first transition of Y to N, not the second which is the one you want to find.  It would depend totally on which start point one chooses.  
I can rerun bisect with a different start and see what happens.  Since I'm Day Drinking, sorry, working from home, I can setup the build system next to my work computer and run it that way.  
P.S.  If you want to try this at home, I do  
untar an existing checkout from sometime in march.  
build, confirm it fails.  
git bisect start  
git bisect bad  
git bisect good somecheckoutthatisthoughttowork  
Now rerun the build and check, if it's good  
git bisect good  
and if bad then  
git bisect bad  
after a few seconds it will move you to the next version to check, and, you can rebuild again.  
Repeat until either of the good/bad git bisect commands tells you which is the first bad checkout.  

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