[squeak-dev] [SAA] ProCrypto 1.1.1 Five Challenges FOR all'y'all

Robert robert.withers at pm.me
Tue Mar 17 03:37:06 UTC 2020

Hi Matthew,

I apologize for misusing the ietf mailing list for my announcement and 
attempted marketing of the newly ported to Squeak 5.3, ProCrypto 1.1.1. 
I hoped to generate some interest and I thought the experience and 
knowledge of the folks on the ietf list were a welcome (susceptible?) 
audience for that. Still hoping for a wave of interest in Squeak to 
proceed. I will always hold onto my hope, in faith.

I had posted some time ago with my proposal for v3.7 protocol of 
ParrotTalk. Here is the IETF document i generated: 

It is based on the v3.7 ParrotTalk protocol as specified here: 

ProCrypto 1.1.1 underlies ParrotTalk and used to build encrypted end to 
end communications. ParrotTalk in particular is designed in a LEGO like 
toolkit, for educational purposes in building your own protocols. I am 
porting my implementation of SSL onto the ThunkStack framework upon 
which rests ParrotTalk. Following that there is SSH to port. And getting 
Raven to work in the Galaxy Object Scenario: 

Sorry to bother, I will be sure to run by the chair in the future. Thank 
you for the understanding email.


On 3/16/20 9:45 PM, Sergeant-at-Arms wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> I am writing to you on behalf of the sergeant-at-arms (SAA) team for
> ietf at ietf.org. This message has been vetted with others on the SAA team,
> which is described in more detail at [1].
> We are reaching out to you because of your recent message to
> ietf at ietf.org [2]. The message includes unsolicited email as per [3].
> Please try to avoid sending these messages on ietf at ietf.org in the
> future. You can reach the IETF chair at chair at ietf.org to seek approval
> before sending.
> We consider this an initial suggestion. We do not believe your message
> is part of a pattern of abuse that would warrant the restriction of your
> posting rights. If a pattern emerges, we will consider temporarily
> restricting your posting rights to ietf at ietf.org.
> Thanks,
> Matthew Miller
> [1] https://www.ietf.org/how/lists/discussion/
> [2] https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/msg/ietf/V-ixHVo-uP67ine0TXZn5kawuxc/
> [3] https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3005


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