[squeak-dev] squeak 4.10 on files.squeak.org ?

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Wed Mar 25 14:44:31 UTC 2020

Hello stes,

On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 09:05:51AM -0500, stes wrote:
> Hello,
> When I look on http://files.squeak.org
> the last 4.x directory I see is : 4.6alpha/  it has 
> Squeak4.6-13700.zip	2014-03-17 20:23	12.0M	File
> Squeak4.6-14191.zip	2015-03-06 19:37	12.6M	File
> On the other hand on the squeakvm.org website there seems to be a 4.10

There is no direct relationship between VM version and the Squeak image
release version. In official Squeak releases, we typically package
them together but as a general rule, one version of VM can run a range
of different Squeak image versions.

This is important to understand if you are running older Squeak images.
An older VMs may no longer be usable, typically because of evolving
runtime libraries on the operating systems. However, and up to date
VM compiled from latest available sources will be able to run a range
of images.

If you would like to have an up to date VM for use with early Squeak
images, up to and including Squeak 4.6, then you will need to compile
it as explained here:


I do *not* know if this will work on Solaris (I am only using Linux
myself), but if you are able to try it, please let us know if it
works for you.

You can also use the SqueakJS to run older Squeak images in a web
browser. Have a look at try.squeak.org to see how this works.

> the page http://squeakvm.org/unix/ states:
> "Generated Sources
> Anyone who has tried to recreate the VM 'from first principles' knows that
> it is often difficult (or impossible) to assemble all the necessary pieces
> of the image in compatible versions. For that reason I am now archiving the
> images that I use to generate sources for every released version along with
> the VMMaker configuration. Regenerating 'src' from this preloaded VMMaker
> image
>     unix-4.10.2.image
>     unix-4.10.2.changes
>     unix-4.10.2.config 
> should yield a 'src' directory identical to the one in the repository at
> revision 2614. "
> My question is now : why are those 4.10 image/changes files not on
> files.squeak.org ?

Because the image and changes files are independent of the VM and
operating system. There is no such thing as a unix version of the
image, instead we expect a single image to work the same everywhere.

> Also what is the meaning of the revision 2614 compared to the numbers 13700
> and 14191 in the files.squeak.org filenames ?

They are not related in any way.

The "2614" number is part of the version identification for a traditional
VM from squeakvm.org. It is unrelated to Squeak version.


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