[squeak-dev] Trouble updating to Sista

Jakob Reschke forums.jakob at resfarm.de
Sat Mar 28 09:54:01 UTC 2020


I'd like to share my experience updating a Trunk image from
just-before-the-release to today's version. Maybe some of the points are
important outside of my box.

First, the setting of the primary bytecode encoder was thwarted by one
single method in the Scorch tests. I had Scorch loaded because it was
my test subject for Tonel repositories. The setter method therefore
complained that both encoders were already in use (I don't remember the
exact message).

So I tried to unload Scorch (package "Scorching" and associated). That
removed some important methods from my image, which left many of the
tools broken, including the debugger. The reason is that Scorching put
some method overrides in Context, but they were not in the category
*Scorcing-override, but just *Scorching. That's why they were removed
on unload. So I went to my loaded Kernel Monticello version and
restored the overridden methods from there, then unloaded Scorch. That

After that, the Squeak update succeeded.

But now I get a SubclassResponsiblity exception when #selector is sent
to a CompiledBlock in MorphicDebugger(Debugger)>>messageIconAt:. Now
going on to try debug this... It's hard because the image freezes
rather quickly, and needs much time until the user interrupt appers.
Move the pointer over a wrong spot and you get a hand full of new
debugger windows or the next freeze... First step: disabling the Show
message icons preference.

Kind regards,

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