[squeak-dev] Drop shadows during grabbing

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Mon Nov 9 19:12:36 UTC 2020

I'm evidently getting confused here. On my Mojave iMac I certainly see the fairly small and faint shadows (plus the slightly heavier one fro man active window) but there are also most definite visual borders on all the windows - thin, probably single pixel, but definitely there, all the way around the window.

Are you saying that the handling of the window resizing drag-handle things is tied to the shadow visual? That looks like it might be the case. I suppose that there is an argument for some visual clue for the active window (if indeed you have that concept, which not all GUIs do) but I'd choose something other than a faint shadow.

Where do we go? Dunno. I've made my suggestion that the way to simplify drop shadows in Squeak is simply not to have them. Nobody is forced to agree with me, at least, not before my Total Mind Control Satellite is launched.

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