[squeak-dev] GoferRepositoryError: can''t find EOCD position

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sun Nov 29 18:52:23 UTC 2020

On Fri, Nov 27, 2020 at 05:18:44PM +0100, stes at PANDORA.BE wrote:
> In the Squeak 4.5 #15117 image, under Browser->ZipArchive->readFrom:
> 	eocdPosition <= 0 ifTrue: [self error: 'can''t find EOCD position'].
> Under "Versions" it is indicated:
> 	nk 12/06/2002 17:09 ZipArchive readFrom: {reading}
> In the Squeak6.0alpha #20077 image, ZipArchive readFrom: has under "Versions":
> 	dtl 9/28/2017 20:31 ZipArchive readFrom: {reading}
> So I just copy paste that implementation into the 4.6 image and accept it.
> If there is a better way to do it, I would be interested to learn about it.
> Perhaps there is a clever way to file in methods from a different image.

There are a few ways to move a method from one image to another.

One way is to file method out to disk, then file it back in to the
other image. If you highlight the method in a browser and right click
it, the menu will give you a fileOut option. Then, from the other image,
you can locate the file in a file list browser, highlight the file (look
for files ending in '.st'), and use the 'fileIn entire file" menu option
to load it.

If you are using Monticello, you can file in individual methods from
a package, which is often helpful if you are looking for a specific
version from some MC package. But for a simple approach that always
works for practically any image, it's hard to beat the old-fashioned
fileOut / fileIn approach.


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