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Mon Dec 6 18:00:07 UTC 2021

Christoph Thiede uploaded a new version of Morphic to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Morphic-ct.1760
Author: ct
Time: 29 April 2021, 3:16:27.408422 pm
UUID: e0169b48-fe90-7f45-bcb5-5d4dcfb14aa3
Ancestors: Morphic-mt.1759

Make editors' #spawn feature more robust against missing models. A short scan of all references to the model variable reveals that this was the only method that could not handle nil models correctly.

=============== Diff against Morphic-mt.1759 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: TextEditor>>spawn (in category 'menu messages') -----
  	"Create and schedule a message browser for the code of the model's 
  	selected message. Retain any edits that have not yet been accepted."
  	| code |
  	code := paragraph text string.
  	self cancel.
+ 	model
+ 		ifNotNil: [model spawn: code]
+ 		ifNil: [UIManager default edit: code].!
- 	model spawn: code.!

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