[squeak-dev] Syntactic sugar for Transcript show:

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Mon Dec 6 19:16:50 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I'd like to propose two little unary helper methods to facilitate printing to the Transcript window. It would allow

#(1 2 3) transcriptShowln

in addition to

Transcript cr; show: #(1 2 3)

You could sprinkle such calls into existing code without having to change too much punctuation (like statements or parentheses etc.) just like calling #inspect or #explore.

Similar implementation is present in Cuis or Pharo and a simple "print" command is usual in most languages (except a few like Java).

As for naming: I incline towards using the verb show rather than print because Transcript print: doesn't show the output until you flush it while Transcript show: displays the output immediately. Adding 'transcript' to the name allows for easy spotting of these calls in the code; plain #print or #show could collide with namesake methods.


	Transcript cr; show: self


	Transcript show: self

If there are no objections I'll send a changeset to the Inbox.


^[^    Jaromir

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