[squeak-dev] Exception reraiseFrom: (needs review)

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 01:36:33 UTC 2021

Hi All, Hi Levente, Jaromir, and Context hackers,

    find attached a change set which supports re-raising a fatal exception,
caught inside a critical section, outside the critical section.  This is a
key facility for debugging systems such as Croquet.  I expect it'll also be
useful in delimited continuation contexts such as Seaside.  The facility is
closely related to Context>>copyTo: and Context>>copyTo:bottomContextDo:.
The main method is Exception>>copyForReraiseTo: aContext.

This implementation is higher quality than
Context>>copyTo:[bottomContextDo:].  It copies the stack and it also copies
blocks that are created on the copied stack.  So the copied stack
correctly copies blocks, and hence exception handlers.

I'm thinking of adding this to trunk.  I would like it to be reviewed
carefully before I do so.  Both implementation and selector names need
reviewing, and tests and more use cases would be nice (I have a use case in

Here's an example usage:

    | sender error |
    sender := thisContext sender.
    Mutex new critical:
        [[nil new]
            on: Error
            do: [:ex| error := ex copyForReraiseTo: sender]].
    error reraiseFrom: thisContext

A simpler usage would be

    | home error |
    home := thisContext.
    Mutex new critical:
        [[nil new]
            on: Error
            do: [:ex| error := ex copyForReraiseTo: home]].
    error outer

This doesn't
work because ProcessorScheduler>>#debugContext:title:full:contents: (et al)

    self assert: [thisContext hasSender: aContext]

and hence we have to stitch the copied stack into the current stack via

    aContext privSender: signalContext.
   thisContext privSender: aContext.
   self outer

inside Exception>>reraiseFrom: aContext

Maybe adding a flag to Exception and avoiding that assert when the
exception is "in reraise mode" is better.  I don't know.

Given that the main worker method, Context>>#copyTo:atEachStep:, is better
than Context>>copyTo:[bottomContextDo:]., these two could be reimplemented
in terms of it, e.g.:

Context>>copyTo: aContext
    ^self copyTo: aContext
                [:originalContext :copiedContext|
                originalContext sender == aContext ifTrue:
                    [copiedContext privSender: nil]]

Context>>copyTo: aContext bottomContextDo: aBlock
    ^self copyTo: aContext
                [:originalContext :copiedContext|
                originalContext sender == aContext ifTrue:
                    [copiedContext privSender: nil.
                    aBlock value: copiedContext]]

best, Eliot
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