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Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 23:53:38 UTC 2021

Hi Tim,

I think the important take-away here is that keyboard handling appears to
> have become complicated enough that we probably need to step back and try
> to simplify overall. We've got way too many fiddly options clamouring for
> their place in the circus.

Nonsense.  The keys are well thought out based on years of usage and
critical-think by many people.  To understand this, maybe take a stab at
that "simplifying" yourself, just be sure not to make it worse for people
who actually use the keyboard shortcuts, though.

> >> Note that there is a minor conflict with the global cmd+] shortcut
> (i.e., remove one level of brackets) for saving the image, which will be
> disabled then legacy shortcuts are enabled.
> That's an interesting example of shortcuts going bad;

Not in the least.  Jaromir's idea is cute, but this is (was?) one of the
most important shortcut keys, WAY more important than removing a level of
brackets since Undo does the same thing.  Easy saving of the image is a
*crucial usability feature* that should not be lost.  I suggest we change
it to Control+] instead of Cmd.  You mean you're still saving your image by
grabbing the mouse and fumbling for a menu?

> what on earth lead to someone thinking the cmd-] was a memorable shortcut
> for save-image?

Simple, it's the idea of "closing out" / committing the work in the image
to the file.  It's a perfectly fine mnemonic, a lot of thought went into
it.  If you don't like it, please try suggesting something better.  That's
when I think you'll discover there is no better global shortcut for that.

> Obviously, it should have been ctrl-shift-alt-meta2-stallman-fn-eject

Exactly.  There are no better answers.

  - Chris
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