[squeak-dev] annoying bug with close bracket

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Wed Dec 29 05:47:44 UTC 2021

Hi Eliot --

Yes, that's an unfortunate side effect of having "enclose text selection" enabled. If you do not like this behavior, you can

TextEditor encloseSelection: false.
LegacyShortcutsFilter legacyShortcutsEnabled: true.

to then be able to distinguish between cmd+] and ].

Since the Compiler warning is selected to be able to easily remove it, you would have to remove it before typing () [] {} <> with "Enclose text selection" enabled.

Yet, we should somehow notify the user that the input was acknowledged but rejected. #flash used to do this.

Am 28.12.2021 20:36:10 schrieb Eliot Miranda <eliot.miranda at gmail.com>:
Hi Marcel, Hi All,

        Smalltalk specialObjectsArray
in the evaluator workspace at the bottom type exactly this (it is missing the closing square bracket)

    self select: [:o| o isSymbol or: [o isArray and: [o anySatisfy: #isSymbol]]

hit print it. Now the compiler generates the warning, which is selected:

self select: [:o| o isSymbol or: [o isArray and: [o anySatisfy: #isSymbol]] "Period or right bracket expected ->"

typing ']' has no effect :-(  Instead one has to delete the selection and then hit ']' :-(


best, Eliot
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