[squeak-dev] ChangeSorter preamble eating seems to break broken

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed Dec 29 23:41:30 UTC 2021

In a ChangeSorter it is now quite tricky to add and edit a preamble. It's a bit difficult to be sure but so far as I can establish you have to make sure that no class in the class list is selected in order to be able to see any preamble text. 

In 5.3 it seems that selecting a changeset is enough to clear any class selection so that we see the preamble; this is how my muscle memory recalls it. In a 20892 image this does not work the same at all. It appears to be a change in selecting a default - ie the the first class in the list of classes - that makes the difference. This manages to clash quite badly with the menu option to add or edit the preamble, making it seem like the preamble stuff is completely broken. It isn't - it's just not very well.

I *think* it must be ChangeSorter>>#showChangeSet: that has changed here; Marcel, what was your intent for that change?

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