[squeak-dev] [Vm-dev] The Trunk: System-codefrau.1205.mcz

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sat Jan 2 16:41:39 UTC 2021

Hi Vanessa,

On Fri, Jan 01, 2021 at 09:28:35PM -0800, Vanessa Freudenberg wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> I haven???t actually tried it but it seems on a slow platform this would
> delay the first-time startup by however long those benchmarks take, right?

No, it would run at most one time per session, and then only if someone
sends #isLowerPerformance. I think thas means it would affect the run time
of the first unit test that someone runs after starting the image, but
otherwise no impact. Certainly it would not be noticable to humans.

I like Levente's suggestion also.


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